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Hear from previous Folly Bridge families about their experience of adopting a baby 

"We have eight Folly Bridge Ferrets now and all of them have brilliant little characters as well as being absolute stunners! After reserving our Folly Bridge kits we were kept up to date on their progress with lots of photos which was brilliant and every time I have asked a question I have had extremely quick and helpful responses. When picking up our kits we were able to meet their parents and the other ferrets there who are all lovely and very well cared for. Rosie and Dane are awesome people who obviously really love all of their ferrets."


Roxanne and Sam

"It was January last year when I first contacted Rosie at Folly Bridge. I had never purchased a ferret before as for the last 8 years all my ferrets had been rescues and strays, but I was starting to feel the need to choose one for myself. Rosie checked me out and I was on the waiting list for a pair of babies. I was expecting 2 ferrets but I didn't realise I was about to become part of the Folly Bridge extended family. Rosie is brilliant at keeping you up to date with the progress of the matings, pregnancies, and births, and getting you talking with all the other prospective new ferret mums and dads. Babies were born pictures posted on FB with frequent updates. By the time they were ready to come home I was beyond excited.

2 babies became 3 as I couldn't choose between them then a couple of months later 3 became 4. We went to Folly Bridge to collect the first 3 a hellish 4 hour each way journey in the pouring rain but I'm so glad we did,it was great to meet Rosie it felt like I'd known her for years. The ferretry was lovely and all the babies were gorgeous I could have taken them all and all the adults as well (but Rosie threatened to search me on the way out )

Once home the boys settled in really well and after a couple of months I had another little man couriered down to me. All 4 are an absolute delight I would recommend Folly Bridge to anyone looking for a ferret. I will still continue to rescue and take in waifs and strays, but to choose a baby thats had a wonderful start and has been loved since birth was a very special experience for me, one I hope to repeat, well have you seen the 2016 pairings."



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show ferret

"We have had a fantastic experience getting our two lovely ferrets Spud and Poppy from Follybridge Ferrets.  Not only is Rosie very knowledgeable and clearly adores the ferrets, as novice ferret owners the after care and advice has also been invaluable and I would highly recommend Follybridge to anyone thinking about getting a ferret."  



"When I decided I wanted a ferret I searched far and wide to find a good reputable breeder, finally I found Folly Bridge. Rosie was and still is fantastic, helped me every step of the way. These ferrets are truly part of her family and when you adopt one from her its like you are added to the family.


Nim (chimera) is now over a year old and I am still in contact with Rosie. I have a huge amount of gratitude for folly bridge, they truly care about the ferrets and ferrants."



"Folly Bridge is quite possibly the best place to go for your ferret. I was delighted to hear that babies were fed meat and they certainly grow chunky and healthy because of it. We were kept informed about the kits throughout the process, allowed to pick the baby which stole our hearts and Rosie's help and advice on training and things which could startle a new owner, were very much appreciated. Sonia (was Unicorn) is a big girl now and is just perfect in every way - clean, never had problems with litter training, eating all the meat we serve her, friendly, and most importantly completely bonkers, just like a healthy, happy ferret should be! We wanted a big, cuddly girl, and that's what we have. Thank you so much for her, for all the support and great friendship!"



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"We received Pea Tree from Folly Bridge when see was 5 months old as she was returned through no fault of her own. Rosie was very accommodating as we where going away and kept Pea Tree for an extra month for us, and would not take any boarding fee. Rosie even took Pea Tree to a show whilst we where away and she came fourth in a jill kit competition and we got a lovely rossette. When we finally received Pea Tree she was worth waiting for, I couldn't get over her size she a right chunky monkey! Pea Tree is full of energy and fun and loves to play with us. I would definitely recommend Folly Bridge and would definitely get another ferret from them. Lisa Fury and Pea Tree (could not get a picture as she is never still long enough)!"



"Folly Bridge Ferretry is by far the best place to go if you are looking at getting a ferret. Potential owners are carefully selected & vetted as Rosie only wants the best homes for their kits.

I bombarded Rosie with countless questions regarding a suitable cage, the best feed, bedding, litter etc. It was never too much trouble & she was always happy to answer questions and to help. The kits are all gorgeous & handled from a young age (very important in the case of baby fuzzbuts).


They are all happy, healthy & well adjusted babies. I couldn’t be happier with my two little boys. They are super smart, very playful and love attention.

When a suitable kit has been selected, you are kept up to date with frequent photos & posts on social media which is lovely as you get to see them grow up until the day you get to collect them. You get to meet the parents and all the other adults and kits alike. It’s been a wonderful experience & I can’t recommend them enough. Nothing is ever too much trouble & I’m still in regular contact with Rosie & I STILL ask a lot of questions and advice."



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