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Our Kits: Prices full, semi, half and part angora

Pricing Explained

All our adults and babies are raised to the very highest standards, fed the best RAW natural diet, receive high quality vetinary care and have excellent large custom built encolsures with toys and enrichment. We spend a small fortune on caring for our fererts to the highest possible standards and this is reflected in the price of our babies. (this doesn't include the considerable time and energy involved in raising kits too!) all kits come with a lifetime of support, an adoption pack and a pedigree stretching back many genrations.

Furthermore to ensure no inbreeding and in order to get the very best lines we often inport new ferrets from as far away as spain, the netherlands, france and the rest of the EU. This costs a considerable amount of money. But in our opinion is the best way to bring fantastic new blood into our ferretry and further it's future. So please understand these costs are also involved.

Price ranges

Final price dependant on colour and markings of your kit and parents, price regardless of sex.

Full angora: £200-270

Semi angora: £80-190

Half angora: £50-150

Part angora: £40-100

prices are approximate and certain colourations/markings will be towards the higher end. If you have a particular coloration/pair in mind please get in touch for a more accurate price

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