Welcome to our Previous kits page! Here you can browse pictures of some of our previous litters. Please note the kits in these photos are not available to reserve, if you would like to see the kits who are still available to reserve please check the 'Available Kits' page. 

The Fantastic Beasts: Rumble Buffin & Omelette

Occamy, Mooncalf, Niffler, MCUSA, Grindlewald, Scamander and Obscurus (semi and full angora)

Harlequin blazes, milkmouth, harlequin panda and black self and roan

The Peaky Blinders: Hades Inferno & Ida

Sabini, Solomons, Esme, Grace, Billy Kimber, Polly,  Ada and Johnny Dogs (semi and full angora)

Black self and dark silver mitt

The Dark Wizards: Hades Inferno & Didi

Riddle, Narcissa, Lucius, Snape, Raczidian, Lestrange and Fenir (semi and full angora)

black solid

The Beatles: Rumble Buffin & River

McCartney, Ringo, Lennon, Harrison and Yoko Ono

Silver blaze, marked DEW, black sable, milkmouth and blaze

The Valhalla litter: Vega & Artemis

Ragna, Floki, Siggy, Rolo, Athlestan, Freja and Leif (1/2 angora)

Black self, black roan mitt, black sable and black mitt

The Villages: Hades Inferno & Tarka

Pauncefoot and Farleigh Hungerford (1/2 angora)

black mitt and blacks self