Welcome to our Previous kits page! Here you can browse pictures of some of our previous litters. Please note the kits in these photos are not available to reserve, if you would like to see the kits who are still available to reserve please check the 'Available Kits' page. 

The Snatch Litter: Rumble Buffin & Rivendell

Gorgeous George, Turkish, Brick Top and Boris the Blade

Black mitt, marked DEW, blaze and milkmouth


The Watershipdown litter: Vega & Artemis

Inle-Rah, Pipkin and Hyzenflay

Black mitt, black roan mitt, silver harlequin

The Mini eggs: Opalo &


Omelette, Eggs Florentine and Eggs Benedict

Chocolate solid and black self

The Labrynth Litter: Dutchmun &


Sir Didymus, Ambrosius and Hoggle

Dark silver mitt, silver mitt and dark sable