Welcome to our Previous kits page! Here you can browse pictures of some of our previous litters. Please note the kits in these photos are not available to reserve, if you would like to see the kits who are still available to reserve please check the 'Available Kits' page. 

THE MYTHICAL BEASTS: Brody and Dutchmun

Dragon, Manticore, Griffin, Unicorn, Hydra, Siren, Sphynx, Chimera Black self, Black Mitt, Black solid, Dark silver mitt, Silver mitt, Black roan mitt

THE BEATRIX POTTER LITTER: Arya and Sandy Puddle Duck and Cotton Tail

Harlequin and marked sandy

THE MIDDLE EARTH LITTER Tarka and Dutchmun Rivendell, Hrothgar, Mordor, Rohan

Black mitt, dark silver mitt, black roan mitt and sable

Baby ferrets nip. They nip a ALOT! they are naturally very nippy as young animals and need to be socialised and trained not to bite humans. We start this process when they are here with us but if you are new to ferrets you need to understand this. They will nip you a lot as babies and it not because ferrets are aggressive. It is simply how they play.

Never ever hit, flick or in any way physically punish your ferret. You will only teach him/her to be afraid of you and to bite more. The more time you spend handling your ferret the tamer and more handleable they will be.