The Cocktail Litter 2020

Rhapsody in White and Ravioli 

semi and full angora (perfect noses)

harlequin, black roan mitt, black self, dark silver mitt and silver

the girls: Mimosa and Banana Dhakeri and the boys: Snake Bite, Grog, Pina Colada, Black Russian and Manhattan

The Pirate Ships 2020

Menace and Mango
semi and full angora, (near perfect noses)

black roan mitt, dark silver mitt, chocolate, black mitt, sable and silver

The Girls: Black Pearl, Golden Hind, La Vipere, Mourning Star and Royal Fortune
The Boys: Dauntless, Ghostly Seadog and Saladin

The Veggie Delight Litter 2020

Ida Emean and Rhapsody in White
semi and full angora

silver, silver mitt, lilac, sable and chocolate roan mitt

the Girls : Parsnip, Bean Sprout, Courgette, Sugar Snap Pea and Sweet Potato and the Boy : Turnip