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The Folly Bridge Nursery

Welcome to the nursery! our 10ft custom built baby home! 

This is where our mummies get settled in peace and quiet while we await the arrival of little fluffs! Our kits spend the first few weeks of their lives tucked up safe and warm in their nests with mum until their eyes open when they move out into their creches to learn all about playing and socialsing with both ferrets and humans too! 

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Decided a baby ferret is right for you?



If you would like a Folly Bridge kit to join your family please get in touch using the contact us page and let us know which litter you are interested in and what colour and sex you would like. You will then be put onto the reservation list for that litter. If we have a suitable kit in the litter they will then be reserved for you straight away.


Any kits that have not already been reserved will be posted on the available kits page at 6 weeks old. A 50% deposit should be paid to secure the kit of your choice. We do not hold kits unless a deposit has been paid. Kits will be available to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age once they are fully weaned. 


Our kits are fed on a 100% raw meat diet until the aged 6 weeks when we will begin to introduce them to kibble as well. Kits' diets will still need to be supplemented with raw meat in their new home. When our kits leave us they will be have been handled and well socialised with humans and we will have also begun litter training with them though handling and training will need to be continued in their new home.