Our Girls

Folly Bridge's 'Jellylorum'

Breeder: Folly Bridge, United Kingdom

milkmouth semi angora

One of our keepers from our 2018 litters, the amazing Jellylorum! This lil lady is so very striking and a very unusual milkmouth with her beautiful dark nose! she is the daughter of Folly Bridge's Omelette and Folly Bridge's Harrison both bred here. She has taken on her dad's laid back nature and really isnt phased by anything. we are so very excited to see her kits in 2019!!! 

Folly Bridge's 'Mooncalf' 

Breeder: Folly Bridge, United Kingdom

Milklmouth mitt, Semi angora

Our gorgeous Mooncalf! one of our beautiful babies from the Fantastic Beasts in 2017 

This lady is a lovely chunky puff ball! Moon is a stunning lady with a lot of muscle and a lot of fluff too! Her first litter arrived in 2018 the 'Valerian Dragons' and Moo was a wonderful first time mum!

Sharlowes ferretry's 'Briar Rose'

Breeder: Sharlows Standard ferrets, United Kingdom

Lilac mitted standard

Rose is a beautiful mitted lilac standard girl and we are extremely excited to add this gorgeous girl to our breeding program for 2018. Rose is a very chunky lady with a big attitude and we love her! she comes from our good friends at Sharlowe's ferretry, who breed standard coated ferrets. This girl is everything we could have wanted and more! 

Folly Bridge's 'Riddle'

Breeder: Folly Bridge, United Kingdom

Black solid semi angora

Riddle is another girl we bred ourselves in 2017. She is actually a 4th generation folly bridge baby as we bred her mother, grandmother and great grandmother! She is the daughter of our fabuloous new angora Inferno and certainly has her daddy's looks!

Riddle is a stunning black solid with striking blue eyes. She is a small but stocky jill with a lovely laid back attitude.

Folly Bridge's 'OMELETTE' 

Breeder: Folly Bridge, United Kingdom

Chocolate solid semi angora

Beautiful Omelette was bred by Folly Bridge in 2016, she is a stunning chocolate semi angora. Her mum is our wonderful little Egg and her daddy is superstud Opalo. With such a speacial mum Omelette has thrown some really interesting markings in her babies! 

she is mother to both Niffler and Mooncalf and in 2018 our beautiful jellylorum!

Fairoak's 'IDA IMEAN' 

Breeder: Fairoak ferrets, Wales

DEW semi angora

Meet our lovely chunk Ida! 

Ida is a beautiful DEW jill from our friends at Fairoak and a very chunky happy lady. She is a huge ball of fluff and a very vocal girly! Ida is still young and does everything at 100 miles an hour. She lives with our other younsters in the junior group. She is mother 2 our 2 stunning angora boys Solomons and Sixgun Radio

Folly Bridge's 'Mango Peach Salsa'

Breeder: Folly Bridge,United Kingdom

Half angora silver mitted jill

Our lil Mango! another keeper from our 2018 litters, this time from our lovely angora boy Solomons and our standard lilac Briar Rose.

We debated long and hard which girl to keep from this stunning litter, but eventually settled on Mango! This lovely, quite naughty and chunky lady is everything we love in a jill! 

Sharlowe's 'Lemon Posset'

 Sharlowes satndard ferrets, Wales

Champagne standard

Meet our lovely little Lemon Posset! another gorgeous standard girl from our friends at Sharlowes Ferretry. Dinky, cheeky and fast! sums this girl up! she is like quicksilver and is never still! Luckily she is so pretty we don't mind! 


Folly Bridge's 'Jody Domergue'

Breeder: Folly Bridge, United Kingdom

Sable part angora

This lil lady was born at Folly Bridge in 2018 to FB's Artemis and HPF's Opalo. We certainly didn't intend to keep a girl from this litter, but lil Jody was such a heart stealer we could not resist! This lil teddy bear girl has the most beautiful confirmation! And we are so excited to see her become a mum.

Syberian Monster's 'Bulma' ('Ragan' @Folly Bridge Ferrets)

Breeder: Syberian Monsters, Poland

Black mitt half angora

She is finally here! Our beautiful Ragan. this lady has joined us all the way from Poland. We have been watching and waiting a long long time for this amazing girl to join us. She has the full package, an incredible pedigree, confirmation, colour and temprement. Pictures just dont do this incredible girl justice.

Mischief Maker's 'Snow Baby'


Albino standard


A lovely new beanie baby from our friends at standard ferretry Mischeif Makers. Meet Snow Baby! More to follow once she arrives in October.

Folly Bridge's 'Niffler'

United Kingdom

Black self part angora

Our beautiful homebred black self lady Niffler! sister to Mooncalf from out Fantastic Beast's litter. (we just could not decide between these two!) This lovely chunky girl had her first litter in 2018, The Studio Ghibli litter, check out her beautiful babies on our previous kits page!

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