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Folly Bridge's 'Parsnip'

Breeder: Folly Bridge Ferretry, United Kingdom

chocolate roan mitt semi angora

 This is our gorgeous new semi angora girl parsnip from our own breeding in 2020, between Rhapsody in White and Ida. Ida is now retired and we hope her beautiful daughter will continue in her footsteps producing stunning babies with beautiful temperaments! She certainly has her mama's looks and sweet nature!

271645379_3010349565891580_4891325858372062886_n - Copy.jpg
271668341_3010349549224915_7872927084636293129_n - Copy.jpg

Folly Bridge's 'Ravioli' 
Breeder: Folly Bridge, United Kingdom
lilac mitt half Angora
Our lovely cheeky minx Ravioli! This little lady was bred by us in 2019 from French male Volatire and our lovely standard jill Briar Rose. While she got her mum's colouring Ravi definitely got her dad's naughty nature! She has already produced her first litter in 2020, the amazing Cocktails with Rhapsody. A stunning mix of perfect nosed angoras and semi. Have a look at their albums on our Kits 2020 page 

271603534_3010349882558215_6532659171424052020_n - Copy.jpg
271665402_3010349845891552_1543346210332260429_n - Copy.jpg

Syberian Monster's 'Bulma' ('Ragan' @Folly Bridge Ferrets)
Breeder: Syberian Monsters, Poland
Black mitt half angora
 Finally here! beautiful Ragan. this lady has joined us all the way from Poland. We have been watching and waiting a long long time for this amazing girl to join us. She has the full package, an incredible pedigree, confirmation, colour and temprement. Pictures just dont do this incredible girl justice.


Fairoak's 'IDA IMEAN' 
Breeder: Fairoak ferrets, Wales
DEW semi angora
Meet our lovely chunk Ida! now enjoying a well earned retirement here at Folly Bridge! her gorgeous daughter Parsnip continues her legacy.
Ida is a beautiful DEW jill from our friends at Fairoak and a very chunky happy lady. She is a huge ball of fluff and a very vocal girly! Ida is still young and does everything at 100 miles an hour. 

fairoak ferrets, white ferret
fairoak ferretry, silver ferret, snow ferret

Folly Bridge's 'Mango Peach Salsa'

Breeder: Folly Bridge,United Kingdom
Half angora silver mitted jill
Our lil Mango! another keeper from our 2018 litters, this time from our lovely angora boy Solomons and our standard lilac Briar Rose.
We debated long and hard which girl to keep from this stunning litter, but eventually settled on Mango! This  naughty and chunky lady is everything we love in a jill! 


Sharlowes Ferretry's 'Lemon Posset'

Breeder: Sharlowes Ferrety, Uk

Standard coated champagne

The monster herself! our absolutely tiny nutter Posset! Posset is as cute as button and as naughty as they come! despite her small stature and innocent face this lady is our biggest trouble maker! (lucky we love her!) she is also the sweetest cuddliest Jill we have, which makes up for her obsession with escaping the playpen. 

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