Ferrets make affectionate entertaining pets, that's probably why many of us love them so much.

However they are, like any animal, a huge commitment and you need to think carefully about whether your lifestyle is suitable for ferrets before you decide to have one as a pet. They require large housing and a secure place to play and exercise everyday. If you are new to ferrets make sure you research these guys throughly before you decide to bring one home.




Ferrets can live indoors or outdoors but require plenty of space. If you have a pair or small group of ferrets then you can keep them indoors in an extra large multi level cage such as the LIBERTA EXPLORA or FURET TOWER, or similar. Most pet shop cages such as rat/rabbit/guinea pig cages are NOT suitable for ferrets as they are just not big enough. Ferrets need to have space to move about freely in their cage; a section to sleep in, a place to eat and space to go to the toilet in a litter tray well away from their feeding and sleeping areas.


If you choose to keep your ferrets outdoors as we do their are several options for their housing. You can keep a pair or small group of ferrets in an extra large double tier hutch, however single hutches are not big enough for ferrets.

Alternatively a great option for a small group is a chicken coop as they provide a secure bedding area and much more space for your ferrets than a hutch.


Another great option if you have a bigger group is to convert a garden shed into a living place for your ferrets. As they supply a greater amount of floor space for play and will protect your ferrets from the elements. 


Regardless of what housing your ferrets have they will require daily playtime and interaction out of their cage in a safe, secure environment. Ferrets are extremely curious, clever and great escape artists! Do not underestimate their aptitude for trouble. Unfortunately their natural inquisitiveness can lead them to get hurt so make sure where ever they play you have taken time to make sure it is 'ferret proof' and always always supervise them.


The more you interact and play with your ferrets the better bond you will have with them and the more enjoyment you will get from owning these wonderful animals. If you don't have 2 hours a day to  dedicate to interacting and playing with your ferrets then they are not the pet for you.

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