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Welcome to Folly Bridge Ferrets! Breeders of beautiful part, semi and full angora ferrets,

in Somerset, UK

Please browse our website to find out more about the ferrets of Folly Bridge and adopting a kit.

Our ferrets are part of our family. We strive to produce happy healthy kits for loving homes. We are not a large ferretry and only breed a few litters a year. Raising kits properly takes a huge amount of time, energy and money. This is so we can ensure our babies get as much time and attention as possible, leading to happier healthier kits and mums too!  


Ferrets do make affectionate entertaining pets, that's probably why many of us love them so much.

However they are, like any animal, a huge commitment and you need to think carefully about whether your lifestyle is suitable for ferrets before you decide to have one as a pet. They require large housing and a secure place to play and excercise everyday. If you are new to ferrets make sure you research these guys throughly before you decide to bring one home.


Please take the time to find out about ferrets and their needs and make sure you go and meet some ferrets before you make a decision on owning them. Ferrets are highly intelligent, social animals and require a lot of time and attention. If you would like to know more or have any questions about owning ferrets please get in touch using the contact us page and we will be happy to talk to you about their needs. Alternatively join a forum to learn more about these animals, most forums have lots of knowledgeable ferrets owners and lots of threads dedicated to questions about their care.


Remember to join our Facebook page for news and pictures of our current litters and updates:

Folly Bridge's Diddimus
Folly Bridge's Diddimus

dark silver ferret


blaze ferret


Folly Bridge's Diddimus
Folly Bridge's Diddimus

dark silver ferret


What we do...

  • give our ferrets large enclosures, with toys and enrichment

  • spend time with our ferrets every day

  • provide appropriate vetinary care with a ferret specialist vet

  • only import new ferrets from good breeders who keep their ferrets like we do

  • provide our ferrets a species appropriate raw diet

  • love our ferrets! they are first and foremost our pets and part of our family!

We don't do...

  • keep our breeding animals in small hutches with no playtime

  • sell our animals once they retire from breeding

  • support back yard breeders who do not care properly for their ferrets

  • take breeding lightly. Bringing these precious babies into the world is big responsibilty.

What you should do...


  •  if you are new to ferrets research them before deciding to get one as a pet

  • ask lots of questions!

  • Collect your kit in person! if you have not been to the breeder before you must ensure you go and meet your breeder, see where their ferrets live and meet the adults. A good breeder will usually insist you come and collect your baby in person if they haven't met you before. Be cautious of any breeder who insists on delivering your kit or tells you you must use a courier. It's your responsiblity to ensure your ferret baby is coming from a great home that you have seen yourself.

silver baby ferret
Blaze baby ferret
black baby ferret
silver baby ferret

Decided a baby ferret is right for you?

If you would like a Folly Bridge kit to join your family please get in touch using the contact us page and let us know which litter you are interested in and what colour and sex you would like. You will then be put onto the reservation list for that litter. If we have a suitable kit in the litter they will then be reserved for you straight away.


Any kits that have not already been reserved will be posted on the available kits page at 6 weeks old. A 50% deposit should be paid to secure the kit of your choice. We do not hold kits unless a deposit has been paid. Kits will be available to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age once they are fully weaned. 


Our kits are fed on a 100% raw meat diet. . Kits' diets will still need to be supplemented with raw meat in their new home. When our kits leave us they will be have been handled and well socialised with humans and we will have also begun litter training with them though handling and training will need to be continued in their new home.

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